Fully Automatic Brass Case Annealer




Annealeez - Fully adjustable Brass Case Annealing machine for Reloaders.


The Annealeez is a Fully Adjustable Brass Case Annealing Machine for Reloaders.

The standard machine comes ready for calibers .223 to 30-06 for $275.00.

For this price we include a catch tray, and power supply is 110/220 volt, the propane fittings are for camping style bottles. Shipping and handling is free in the United States.

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Annealeez is hand-made in the USA, weighs a heavy ten pounds, measures 11 inches by 11 inches and is 5.5 inches deep. Fabricated from 16 gauge steel and powder coated for toughness.

Camping style propane bottle fits inside the back of the machine, (upright)

Small bottles of propane can be purchased most anywhere for around $3.00 each and will anneal approximately 2000 cases.

You can also order (or special order at a later date) different sized indexing wheels to suit your needs.

Optional indexing wheel kits for the Annealeez machine can anneal calibers as small as 17 hornets and as large as 338 Lapua Magnums.

Wheel Kits are $25.00 each, Shipping and Handling is included in the USA.

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Current Lead Time: **Shipping Delay** 3 to 4 weeks.. bogged down with bulk order..All New Machines Come with the New Torch Mount

  We are proud to say this product is made in the USA!



Made in the USA


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